Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Southern Side of Sullivan Street

When you ask me where I live, I would tell you in very New-Yorkese that I live on W. 3rd street between Sullivan and Thompson Streets. Having lived here for almost 4 full years, I often consider myself to be an expert on what goes on and whats new up and down "my streets."

But in typical New York fashion, a venture through "my hood" today turned into an exploration of the unknown as I ventured to the less visited southern sides of the streets I call home. First, I wandered down Thompson - past Bleeker, where I normally go left or right - in search of a new a new tailor. (End of summer sales left me with a few fixer ups, and with my current tailor in retirement mode, I needed a new one.) And a new tailor I found, as well as some hefty tailoring fees. But that was neither here or there given that I had paid next to nothing for the dresses.

So I continued my adventure to Houston, where I took a right to head back to the office. Something when I approached Sullivan seemed to call my name, so I took a left to cross Houston, and my adventure began.

In the course of a city block, I found a new sandwich place to order lunch from, that also makes a mean iced coffee AND its 4 blocks closer to the office than my current establishment. Also, there was an adorable brunch spot that was just begging for the next rainy Sunday morning where you can sit in its windows and watch the rain hit the pavement, while savoring a latte and eggs Norwegian, and perusing the Sunday Styles section of the NYTimes. Across the street was a new fabric shop that piqued my curiosity to fancy up our apartment; and two doors down was a new bar that I had never heard of but looked great for a happy hour.

I don't know when the last time I walked down this part of Sullivan Street, but it was like another world. Without even leaving my neighborhood I was transported to a street of unseen delights all set for the taking!

Its amazing how fast things can shift -- and no pun intended -- in a New York minute. From thinking I knew everything there was to know about my neighborhood of SoHo/Greenwich Village to feeling like I was transported to the UWS where I know nothing. Suddenly, there was a new love for my hood, a new spring in my step and a bit of pizazz in the air... Something new was just lurking around the corner, and a search for a new tailor led the way!

Its easy to get stuck in habits - from venturing to the same coffee spot every morning, to waking up at the same time everyday just because you are too tired to change the alarm. That's what these things - like a new tailor - force, is that we step out of our comfort zones, explore the things we know a little deeper and truly get lost in the unexpected.

Granted, not every search for a launderer leaves you feeling like you found the pot at the end of the rainbow, or maybe even a rainbow. But it adds more texture to your surroundings, and makes you realize all the things you don't know, and that feeling of innocence or maybe its re-entering your world, can be quite spectacular. Much like the southern side of Sullvan Street.