Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alot can happen in 21 days.

How funny life is. I say stop. It says go. I say solo. It says duo.
And so I allowed myself to meet someone intriguing. Someone who like me, is capable of talking about 5000 different things in 5 minutes. And given the huge role travel plays in each of our lives, in the past few days, we have had many 'going anywhere and everywhere conversations', which is simply thrilling to me as my current location on the globe doesn't lend itself to many conversations of this sort.
Last night, as I bid this very nice gentleman adieu until late March, or maybe April, or maybe who knows (he's gets paid to be a wanderluster full-time), it dawned on my that alot can and will probably change in the next three weeks that he is 'working'.
And here is why...
If life were a train station, I am at that station. Granted, I am not waiting on the platform. Nor am I sitting on a train. But I am a little bit beyond being in a cab and pulling up to station. More or less, I am waiting in line at the ticket counter, simply waiting for my ticket to get printed. Will that happen next week? Two weeks from now? Maybe early next month? I have no clue. But I do know it will happen.
And just like that great big board at all major transportation junctures with destinations and ETAs and ETDS, ETC, listed, the ticket being printed for me will match one of the destinations listed and I will be off to explore new avenues. And that may or may not happen before this very intriguing individual gets back.
When you know so much is flux, 21 days seems like a very long time. Worlds can change over night. And tomorrow can look very much different than today. As every hour, new decisions are made, plans revised, meetings planned, tickets printed... And it makes me wonder and really ask the question with a true question mark: Where will I be in 21 days?
Its scary and thrilling at the same time. Who knows when I am heading out? Who knows when Mr. Wanderlust will get back? Who knows if there will be time for another 'going everywhere type of conversation'? Yet, at the same time, I know that the true Wanderlusters kind of pod together in life, and time and distance and locations seldom matter. The differences only make it more intriguing to see what Life will allow to happen.
For many times, when we feel like we missed the boat or the train has left the station or the plane has taken off, we realize we arrive at the moment WE are truly meant to depart and our mode of transportation for whatever adventure we are on is waiting at the gate for us, and it has a seat with our name on it... and that's when its our time to go. Whether thats in 21 days or not, at that moment, we know.