Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looking the Part

This morning I did something I have not done in a while. I got up early to go to a GYM CLASS. I typically like to work out on my own, but in my quest to get in "wedding shape" I thought a differential to my routine was needed, so I was up at 6AM and in class by 6:30AM.

I had never seen a morning class SO CROWDED. Seriously, about 30 women were already there, and there was no room for me and my mat. But space was found, and when I saw the instructor I knew why all these women were up at the crack of dawn to exercise. She was jacked! I have never seen a woman for tightly ripped in all my life. If I saw her on a dark street, I would have run... she could kick anyone's ass, and when class started she proceeded to kick mine.

No warming up in this class, it was "go mode" from the first count of 8. Every second we had a weight in hand, every moment I wanted to die, and every rep burned like the oven.

But when it was over, I asked her name and when she taught again. I am sure a few more ass whoopings will help me in my quest!

Monday Night at Pete's

When I first moved to the city, I was a lowly "Ad Girl" making a lowly salary. There were few things I allowed myself in the area of "luxuries" and even then my "luxuries" were hardly luxurious. I lived for bargains (still do!) and relished in them when they fit in my paultry budget.

But there was one thing I relished more than most, at that was Monday nights at Pete's Tavern.

Every Monday, Pete's has "Pasta Night" and my roommate Laurie and I would meet there almost weekly to enjoy this insane special. For just $9, you would receive a glass of house red wine, salad and bread and a huge bowl of pasta that could easily be stretched for 3 meals. It fit into my budget easily, and because the food and ambience this quickly became a staple of my first year of NYC life.

Last night, Josh and I retreated back to Pete's, and since it was a Monday night, and Pasta Night, I insisted we get the Pasta Special. Josh LOVES the veal parmigiana at Pete's, but for once I felt he needed to see the beauty in the bargain of $9 pasta meal. So we both had pasta -- linguine bolognese for me and angel hair marinara for him -- and it was a lovely meal and night. We topped the night off with Tartufo and Heroes. It was just splendid.

Sometimes as we move through life it's easy to get caught up in moving on up. The chicken and veal parmiana are easily better than the poor man's pasta plate, and I can easily afford more than the Monday night Pasta Special at Pete's, but I love to revel in the memory of my first year in NYC and see how far I have come.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It doesn't get better than Sunday brunch!

One of my favorite things about being a New Yorker is the institution of Sunday brunch. Yes, its common to also enjoy Saturday brunch, but its not the same as Sunday. And here is why.

On Saturday, its still a "work day", maybe not at the office, but in the household. People do laundry, grocery shop, run errands, etc. So maybe you do have brunch on Saturday, but its before or after doing your Saturday tasks.

Sunday brunch has a much more leisurely feel. No need to worry about laundry, as most laundry places take this as a day of rest. People bring the Times with them (and the Sunday version is quite thick!) and pour over the variety of sections, sipping coffee or a mimosa, while being very leisurely about their choice of brunch items. If there is an agenda on Sunday, its to look at apartments or shop or watch football or do nothing. Brunch tends to be a bit longer, the conversations a bit brighter and hopeful, and mood a bit sleepier and more cozy. Also, since Saturday tends to be the bigger night out, the stories on Sunday are much juicier.

This morning after a fun night out last night - MadMen Style! - I joined the girls for a leisurely brunch at French Roast. There was nothing hurried about our time together, it was just what the doctor ordered in terms of protein and girl time.

And that's the best thing of Sunday brunch, its the perfect start to a week if you are of the belief that Sunday is the first day of the week, and if you believe its the end, then the perfect ending.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Beep! Beep! Coming through!

Have you ever run into someone and immediately thought, "what in the hell is their problem?" That was my morning today, and I am still living in the aftermath.

To get people to a meeting this morning at the office, I went around the hallways with a cup of joe reminding everyone that the meeting was starting. As is usual with my role at the agency, my role was to loudly remind people, ie., nothing was being said in a passive "I am not here" tone. While rounding the corner of the 7th floor, out of know where this woman smacks into me, spilling coffee EVERYWHERE. Seriously, both of our shirts were destroyed, my hair was soaked, and while I am thinking "WTF??!!", the other woman shouts "Damn it! YOU'VE destroyed my shirt. I have to go home. I can't stay here like this!" All the while I am thinking, "You? YOU ran into me. I was standing here talking to people and YOU ran into me..." Maybe it is true that he who shouts the loudest wins, because she truly felt like I did this to her. When everyone watching saw it was the other way around... she was just obviously way more upset about it than me. So we both head to the Ladies where she is trying to fix her shirt, while I AM DRYING MY HAIR WITH PAPERTOWELS. Um, hello? Who is more put-out here? Plus, I had a meeting in 3 minutes.

So anyway, me being me, offered her a tshirt from a fundraiser from a few week's ago. She then had the audacity to ask if the agency was going to pay her dry cleaning bill? SERIOUSLY? Her shirt was basically a men's button up, hardly the type you dry clean. But she asked the question...

So now 7 hours later, I am still sitting in my coffee stained shirt -- I have been told it looks very designer! (Yeah right, does all designer clothing come with this foul smell?) And I have had to explain to all my interviews today what happened and why I am a mess. And my hair reeks of coffee.

What a day! But honestly, what can you do but grin, and wear it!


Every once in a while I love to do things that make me feel like a kid again. Forget the grown-up pressures of plannig a wedding, looking or an apartment or job woes, and head into some sort of wonderland. Last night, I did just that. My cousin and friend, Mary, and I got tickets for Mary Poppins on Broadway, and our moments of reliving childhood began.

The show was amazing, just as expected. And I realize that as old as I may get, there are a few things that will never change:

1) I will always want to sing along to any song I know.

2) A good musical will always beat out the best play.

3) Seeing someone fly will always make me believe in magic... and most likely make tears spring to my eyes.

4) I will never be able to spell supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America's Biggest Small Town

He did it. Obama won the presidency last night. This was definitely the most I have cared about an election, and it was thrilling to see my guy come out on top.

I am EXHAUSTED from a night of celebrating. Like any other event, NYC does election night well...or at least when we win. Given the Democratic nature of MOST NYCers its not like when the Yankees or Mets win, because only half of the island is cheering, last night the ENTIRE CITY was ONFIRE FOR OBAMA! The cheers started around 9PM when Ohio was called, and could be heard in apartment bldgs, restaurants, street corners, etc. The momentum just kept building and before you knew it, it was an all out street party!

Its night like last night, where New York really shows its colors and its all pretty amazing to be apart of. The city of millions having one voice? Wow. Hearing the cheers from the other parties surrounding us, only made us more excited. And that excitement spilled to the streets, and filled everyone with the hope for change, well, that Obama has made us believe in.
Its a tremendous time to be an American. Senator Obama, thank you for allowing us to believe!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And I'm Proud to be an American....AND A NEW YORKER!

This morning, MY ROOMMATE had me up at 5:50AM and out to vote. Very early indeed.

But if truth be known, Josh got up to vote at 5:50AM and I was way too excited about today's election to even try and sleep. When we arrived at our polling place (literally 50 feet from our Apt... isn't city life grand?), I was shocked that about 50 people were in line ahead of us.

Ladies and gentlemen, Senator McCain did not cause this to happen. And truth be known, it is probably just the nature of democratic NYCers to get up early and go vote to make sure their vote is counted. But I think part of this turnout is a result of the fantastic campaign my candidate (OBAMA! OBAMA!) has led. People (very much like me) who were never caught up in politics because candidates never seemed relevant or interested in my issues, have been pledging their support for OBAMA for months now... and I sincerely hope that when all the votes are counted at the end of the day, he is our next president. This morning I was so proud of my country to allow him to go this far in the presidential race. I was so proud to cast my vote. And I was so proud to have the choice.

Like anyone, I want my guy to win. And tonight, if that happens I don't think the words are "Go-BAMA", but GO-AMERICA. Its been a long time coming, that's for sure!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My favorite past-time

I have never been one to read the newspaper on a daily basis, or even read the news online except for very specific needs. Needless to say, my news consumption is very different than those that live around me (or with me -- hi, Josh!). But the one thing I LOVE TO READ more than anything else is my sister's blog and I love it even more when she posts photos of Ramsey, who is the cutest thing ever! See?

This past week Tara was in Watertown, NY to welcome her husband home from Iraq, and there were NO photos of Ramsey on her blog. My week just wasn't complete! Thank God she's back, so I can continue to see Ramsey grow and approach his first birthday!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Tara's blog: