Thursday, October 23, 2008

Give Blood, Save a Life. But can I get my week back?

Two days I gave blood at the blood drive at work, which was maybe my 3rd or 4th time doing so. I was a bit weary, as last time it took them an hour to get a pint from me, all the while I was in a mild state of panic as a needle was protruding from my arm while this hour ticked by. But I know its good for someone of my blood type (0+) to give as frequently as possible because 86% percent of the human race can accept my blood, so on Tuesday I let them tap my vein again.

Not one to handle needles well, this time did not go as well as last time. Granted it was quicker, but only because I became the irate and panicked patient that sits up and demands they remove the needle from my arm. It hurt! Plus they lied to me, telling me the pain would go away. No it doesn't, even after reading People from cover to cover. When the magazine ended, so did my time on the donation table. Or so I thought.

As soon as they pulled the needle out, I almost passed out. I became nauseous. They laid me down. They brought me a soda and told me I could not get up until I drank it all -- keep in mind they just laid me flat on my back and put my feet way in the air, so obviously they wanted me to get abs of steele in order to drink the Coke they brought me.

After this mild drama ended, I went back to work. Or at least tried. Since that moment I have been extremely fuzzy headed. I have overslept my alarm the past two mornings, I have not been to the gym, and last night I got tipsy after one glass of champagne!

So now as I get to work to begin all I have to do, I feel so drained and tired... and I haven't done anything yet! I know its good to give, but honestly if I feel so crappy I wonder if my time couldn't be better spent running the blood drive vs. being a patient. I mean, they gave me a coke, a cracker and a 'thank you' for donating. What I really need is my energetic life back!